ClearFormat Email Branding

Adding ClearFormat email branding to every email you and your employees send.

ClearFormat Email Branding offers everyday business email branding from the Cloud. ClearFormat email branding adds your corporate branding to everyday business emails through web-style navigation, banner advertising and unified email signature blocks. Your everyday business email branding is typically unremarkable - a great pity considering this is the medium most used to communicate with your valued customers and business partners. Why not add a new dimension to digital property that you already own?

ClearFormat Key Features

  • Brand Outgoing Emails

  • Unify your Signature Block

  • Embed Targeted Marketing Messages

  • Append Compliance Footers

  • Management Console

How ClearFormat Works.

ClearFormat Email Branding is a cloud-based business solution that works with our unique ClearFlow Technology. ClearFlow Technology adds your ClearFormat email branding to your emails when they pass through our cloud-based servers after you press send. This helps reduce latency, increases legal compliance and conforms to privacy regulations. Furthermore, this cloud technology allows for superior tracking and reporting on all emails. All ClearFormat management and tracking is handled through the Management Console. The cloud-based email branding solution was developed to ensure the highest level of email integration, security and deliverability, and, as a cloud-based solution it doesn’t matter what email infrastructure and software you currently have installed, your corporate emails can be transformed using ClearFormat’s superior ClearFlow Technology. The solution is compatible will all email clients including; Gmail, Entourage, Microsoft, Hotmail and Lotus Domino.

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